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Where We've Been: Orange Letter Campaign 2017

Wesley Wildmon
Director of Outreach

It is an honor to pray for and encourage our brothers and sisters in North Korea who live under extreme persecution. If I can be transparent, each year we do the Orange Letter Campaign I feel a deep hesitancy even wonder if we should just pick a different topic.

This is primarily because there is no way I can fully empathize with Christians in other countries who are tortured and even killed for living out their Christianity.

Then I read the Word of God and it reminds me that all Christians will likely face, at some point and to some degree, persecution for being a follower of Jesus. It also reminds me that we have a role to play even when our degree isn’t remotely as severe as what is experienced by believers in places such as North Korea.

Through prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we focused this year’s Orange Letter Campaign on North Korea. My perspective has gradually grown to see that I can intentionally pray for them and have confidence that God will hear and respond to my prayer, as well as yours.

Through our partnership with Tom Doyle, the Orange Letter Campaign offers us a tangible way to encourage North Korean Christians with a letter that he will deliver in person.  The Orange Letter Campaign has grown so much over the years. What started as a one-off opportunity to encourage surviving family members of martyrs has continued to include pastors in Syria and now believers in the Hermit Kingdom. We first want to thank you for taking the time to be a part of this year’s Orange Letter Campaign. We also wanted to compile all the articles and resources from this year’s Orange Letter Campaign into one place and this is it. If you missed any article, or are looking to find a resource we mentioned during this week, you will find it here.


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