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Prayers for the 2017 Orange Letter Campaign

The Engage Team
Engage Magazine's team of writers

Prayer is integral to every Orange Letter Campaign. The 2017 Orange Letter Campaign to North Korea is no different. Every Christian recognizes the need to pray, but many find it difficult to know what or how to pray. The Engage team has written eight prayers specifically for the persecuted Christians in North Korea to help you begin and continue praying for them.

Prayer that Christians across the globe would get involved and not be distracted by politics.

Father God, I thank you for this day that You saw fit for me and my family to be a part of. I am so thankful that you are the one true God who inclines His ear to the prayers of Your children. I lift up before You those within the body of Christ who take residence in the country of North Korea, a place where thousands of lives are being threatened, tortured, and persecuted because of their bold belief in Jesus Christ.

Father, I ask You to give every believer on the face of this planet a passionate heart to pray for our fellow brothers and sisters in North Korea; that we would make it a natural part of our lives to consistently include them in our prayers. Help us to not just pray for them one time because we heard a missionary or a radio broadcast mention it, but assist us in creating a habit and lifestyle of lifting up the persecuted church of North Korea daily.

Beyond that, gives us such a desire we encourage other believers to pray for them as well. The enemy loves to bring distractions, and I ask You, Lord, by the power of Your Holy Spirit to block the political distractions associated with the torturous acts occurring in that country so that we would not be moved by what we see or hear but we would be steadfast in our commitment to pray. Help us to pray for their strength in You and for them to lift up their eyes unto the hills from which cometh their help.

In the powerful name of Jesus, I pray. Amen!

Prayer that Christ would dissolve the North Korean government without war and that He will save Kim Jung-un.

God, we know nothing is too difficult for You. Your Word says in Ezekiel that You can remove a heart of stone and replace it with a heart of flesh. That’s what we ask you to do in Kim Jong-un. Speak to him in whatever way You so chose—whether that be a dream or vision or a fellow believer who gains access to him and speaks boldly, or even through something he sees or reads online.

Father, we ask that You would reveal the truth to him in such a powerful way that he cannot ignore it. Show him that You are the ultimate King and that You hold political leaders responsible for how they use their power. Lord, help him submit to Your kingship and to declare You as Most High God and Eternal Ruler.

And Lord, if he continues to refuse you and abuse his power, we ask that you would remove him from his position. In Daniel 2:21, we see that You set up and remove kings from their thrones. And just like You dealt with King Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel’s day, we ask that You would humble Kim Jong-un until he recognizes You. Lord, we ask, just as Daniel prayed over Nebuchadnezzar, that You would help Kim Jong-un repent of his wickedness and stop oppressing his people.

“Renounce your sins by doing what is right, and your wickedness by being kind to the oppressed...” Daniel 4:27

Help him ultimately, like Nebuchadnezzar, to exalt and glorify the true King of heaven “because everything he does is right and all his ways are just. And those who walk in pride, he is able to humble” (Daniel 4:37).

Prayer for the persecution of North Korean Christians to end and the freedom of all North Koreans to begin.

Lord, You bring light into dark places. You govern the lives and times of all people in all places. All of our lives are in Your hands. We ask that You act now on behalf of the people of North Korea, for they are truly living in one of the darkest and most oppressive regimes on earth. You have the power to set them free. I pray now that You act with the justice and mercy that is in Your nature. Set these people free and allow them to have greater opportunities of knowing You.

Be with those in North Korea who are already Christians. Protect them and guide them. Be their shelter and their safety in the midst of all who would come against them and harm them. Let them escape any persecutions, and let them become a witness and an example of Your goodness and greatness. We know those who endure persecution faithfully present a testimony and earn a great reward, but You also can demonstrate Your power by bringing an end to persecution – even in seemingly impossible situations. Make it possible also that persecution will be quelled so that those who are not Christians might be able to hear about You and come to You without inhibition.

You alone can bring goodness and truth and freedom to people, no matter their situation - whether they live in a land of opportunity or in bondage. Let spiritual freedom and the knowledge of Your grace reign, especially in this place where any human hope seems very frail. Your wisdom is enough to answer all our need, and Your ways are above our ways. Let us see and praise You for Your work. Amen.

Prayer for Christ to be glorified in the midst of Christian persecution.

Lord, You are sovereign over all things. Nothing surprises You, and nothing happens apart from Your great purpose. Even though our little minds cannot begin to comprehend this, even the persecution of Your saints is according to Your design and Your sovereign will

Help us to trust You. Help us to rest in the fact that everything You do is good. Help us to see more clearly Your hand working even in the desperate situation of our brothers and sisters in North Korea. Let their testimony be a call for us to lean on You and surrender our all to Your care.

Comfort our family in North Korea. Give them assurance that You have not forgotten or abandoned them in their trials. Let them see that You are conforming them into the image of Your son Jesus Christ and that their suffering in this world is nothing compared to the prize they will gain when their lives here are complete.

Let the hope and patience of the North Korean church in the midst of persecution make Jesus Christ’s power known to the ends of that nation and that world. Show the people of North Korea that the power of their oppressors is nothing compared to the power of the King of Kings. Glorify Christ above all things.

Prayer for North Korean Christians to find encouragement and strength in the midst of persecution.

Father, today I lift up my brothers and sisters in North Korea. They are facing unimaginable persecution at the hand of an unjust government. I pray that despite all the trials they face, they would keep their eyes fixed upon You. Let them not be distracted by the lies Satan tells them, but help them focus on the truths of the gospel. Let the messages of the letters sent through this year's Orange Letter Campaign be the encouragement they need.

I pray that in a country where the Bible is outlawed, the Scriptures they do hear will rest in their hearts and be supernaturally written upon their minds. Make them as bold as lions and let them not give in to fear. Though they live in a land where evil may rule, let understanding and righteousness grow in their lives. Let the fires of persecution refine them as gold so that they will shine with the unquenchable light of Christ.

Remind them daily that there are countless Christians around the world praying for them. Help them to remember that this life is but a vapor in the span of eternity. Let that reality and the love they have for Jesus and their fellow man inspire them to never stop preaching the gospel, even in the face of great evil. Remind them that Your light shines in the darkness and that darkness will never overcome it.

Thank You, Father. Amen.

Pray for the people doing the persecuting, that their hearts would change, and that the inactive bystanders would not be too fearful to hear the gospel

Father God, we come before You today to thank You for our freedom to worship and speak how we wish. They are freedoms we often take for granted. I pray that You would remind us early and often that we can say and do what many believers cannot. Help us not to forget those blessings.

Lord, I also pray today for my brothers and sisters in Christ in North Korea. I pray for their health, wealth, and protection, as North Korea has been, and continues to be, a nation hostile toward Christianity. That said, Lord, I pray today for the persecutors to come to Christ. I pray that they learn of their sins, that they repent, and that they would lead other North Koreans to Christ.

The world may say it’s not possible. People who profess to know You may say it’s not likely, but Lord I know it can happen. Move their hearts in that direction, Lord. You’ve done it before. You revealed yourself to Saul when he was on his way to persecute believers. He became Paul and taught many Jews and Gentiles about You. So I pray today that someone, somewhere in North Korea who persecutes Christians will be saved. Moreover, I pray that this line of thinking would occur beyond our campaign, and I pray that it would continue to be on the minds of believers worldwide.

In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Prayer for world governments to stand against evil while avoiding bloodshed of war.

Our King of kings and Lord of lords, we have sought and are continuing to seek Your face on behalf of our persecuted brothers and sisters in North Korea. While we cannot see their torment nor hear their screams, You can and do. You are present with them. We pray You give them comfort that can only be sourced in You.

But we cannot see or hear because we are in the land where You have placed us. We do not take that for granted but come before on behalf of our own land and government leaders. We come asking that You will move here in America and among world governments so they will become actively involved in helping North Korea.

It is not my prayer that we go to war, but that You will guide governments in a way that peace can be attained, where North Koreans are freed from oppression without the shedding of blood. I pray You will give wisdom, insight, purpose, and fortitude in the hearts of those who have the power to accomplish this. Help them to see the need and let that sight push them to make sure something is done.

As for what that something to be done is, I don’t know what to pray. I can only ask that Your will is done. I pray that as our children and grandchildren look back at this time of history, they will do so with Your praise on their lips. I pray anyone who looks at what You accomplish has only one response, “God alone could have accomplished that.”

So for the sake of Your children in North Korea and the glory of Your name, I pray You will lead America and other nations to work for the freedom of those suffering in North Korea.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer for the safety of Christians going into North Korea, and for God to provide more opportunities and people.

Lord, You have called Your children to go into all corners of the world making disciples and spreading the gospel. You are a sovereign and mighty King, so we believe and ask that, just as You send missionaries into dangerous places, so You would also guide and protect them from harm.

You do not leave us to fend for ourselves. And we trust that as our brothers and sisters travel to North Korea as Your messengers You will pour Your special favor and provision upon them, that they would find You all-sufficient for their needs, that wicked men and women with ill-intent would find their schemes futile, and that those who watch them from a safe distance cannot help but notice a supernatural protection and care surrounding them in every situation.

But Father, sometimes it is Your will for your children to suffer, both for their good and for Your glory. So we ask that, in those times, You would grant them every assurance of Your love and faithfulness, that they can, like Stephen the martyr, forgive their persecutors and enter eternity with expectant hearts, eager to see You face to face. In Christ’s name, Amen.

Prayer for underground churches.

Father, we acknowledge that even in the face of challenges we do not understand that You are omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, and sovereign. We pray for the men You have called to pastor Your churches in a country hostile toward You and Your good news. Please stay their heart on Thee. Give them boldness. Allow them to possess a spirit, wrought with confidence that enables them to sacrificially shepherd Your people even while the wolves are at the door or even inside the churches. Lord, give them strengthening according to Your glorious might that they may be able to patiently endure any affliction that they, their family, or congregations may suffer.

Give them the resolve to hunger for and remain in Your Word. Bolster their faith as You continue to sanctify them in Your truth. May they find authentic fellowship with You during these trying times. Be a shield for them. Be their rock to stand on and fortress in which to flee. Lord, give them wisdom. Help them not to focus on the things of the world. Keep their eyes on Christ and His glorious riches of grace, mercy, and love. Remind them that Jesus suffered and is able to help them through their suffering. We ask that You would sustain them and provide them with every need. You are the one true God and the God of the impossible. Come through for them in ways that remind them You are the God who answers the prayers of Your people!

We ask that Your kingdom come and will be done in their lives. We beseech You, come Lord Jesus. Come quickly. We give You glory for who You are, what You have done, and what You are still doing. We trust Your providence in all things. Amen.



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