About Engage

Engage exists to provide perspective on culture through the eyes of a Biblical worldview, showing how that worldview intersects with culture and engages it.

We are a team of 20-somethings brought together by a common faith in Jesus Christ and employment in our parent organization American Family Association.


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Culture Christmas Is Not Fake News 12/06/2017 | Guest Writer Do we have historical evidence to celebrate Christmas?
Culture Modernizing Idolatry 12/04/2017 | Skyler Gleue Digging deeper into the Second Commandment
Culture Recognize Your Heart's Affection 12/04/2017 | Jacob Riley What holds the affections of your heart, and how you can shift that focus to Christ?
Culture Is the Church Irrelevant? 12/04/2017 | Jacob Riley The difference between being relevant and irrelevant is one of focus.
Culture When the End of the World Isn't 11/16/2017 | Chris Woodward "The End" can be the beginning of a great conversation.
Culture Who was Martin Luther 10/30/2017 | Teddy James He was far from perfect, but he is still a hero of the faith.
Culture Achieving Mindfulness 10/20/2017 | Jordan Chamblee What is Christian meditation and how is it different from the Eastern practice?
Culture A Christian and Broadway's Hamilton 10/09/2017 | Jacob Riley How can I listen to secular entertainment and judge it soundly?
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