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Kavanaugh in review

Walker Wildmon
Assistant to President of AFA

In recent weeks we’ve seen the political left do everything possible to prevent Judge Brett Kavanaugh from taking a seat on the Supreme Court. To provide some background: Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced over the summer that he would be retiring. That opened a seat on the Supreme Court for President Trump to fill. The president nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace Kennedy and his confirmation has been processing in the U.S. Senate for the past three months. Days before the Senate was set to confirm Judge Kavanaugh, the Democrats began lodging allegations of sexual misconduct against the judge.

This is a common tactic that Democrats use to try to take down their political opponents, despite the fact that the vast majority of these allegations are proven false. These are not the only tactics we’ve seen deployed against Judge Kavanaugh. Let’s review what all the Judge has faced during this process.

First, we’ve seen the fear mongering about whether Judge Kavanaugh would overturn Roe v. Wade if he were confirmed. To this point, U.S. Sen. Mazie Hirono was asked by Jake Tapper whether Judge Kavanaugh was innocent until proven guilty in regards to the 35-year-old sexual assault allegations. Here is what Sen. Hirono said: “I put his denial in the context of everything that I know about him in terms of how he approaches his cases. He has an ideological agenda. He is very outcome driven, and I can sit here and talk to you about some of the cases that exemplify his, in my view, inability to be fair … This is a person that is going to be sitting on our Supreme Court making decisions that will impact women’s reproductive choice. He is very much against women’s reproductive choice. … There are so many indications of his own lack of credibility.” Senator Hirono admits that to her, this is all about abortion and whether Judge Kavanaugh will rule against the Democrats’ pro-death agenda or not.

Second, we’ve seen unsubstantiated claims of sexual misconduct against the judge. As previously mentioned, in the hours before Judge Kavanaugh was set to be voted favorably out of the Judiciary Committee, a lady by the name of Dr. Ford came out and accused the judge of attempted sexual assault in the 1980’s. In the days following, multiple other women accused Judge Kavanaugh of similar conduct. It is clear that this tactic was meant to slander and malign Judge Kavanaugh and his family and intimidate the nominee into withdrawing his name

Lastly, protesters, some paid, have been accosting and heckling Republican lawmakers in public. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was forced out of a restaurant after being approached by hecklers. Senators Mike Lee, Orrin Hatch, and Lindsey Graham among others had their personal information such as home address and phone number posted on Wikipedia. This is a practice called “doxxing.” This was done by a Democratic staffer in an attempt to intimidate the Senators into voting “no” on Kavanaugh.

The clear goal of all of this is to use immoral and unethical means to stop President Trump from appointing a constitutional judge to the Supreme Court. Despite the fact that the Democrats were successful in delaying the confirmation vote, they ultimately failed to stop Judge Kavanaugh. What else did the Democrats succeed in doing? They succeeded in uniting the entire Republican party and conservative movement behind one purpose: don’t let the shameful Democrats get control of anything in Washington. To Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Democrats, I say thank you.

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