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What Does it Mean to Be a Woman?


In a culture that says anyone can be a woman and where millions of women are murdered daily by abortion, the Christian needs to remember what it truly means to be a woman. Young women today are fed many lies: "My body, my choice", "Motherhood is weak", "You can be whoever you want", "Gender fluidity", and the list goes on. We must remember that it is not culture, government, or even science that defines womanhood - God does. He created women physically unique, with a specific nature and calling. This should be celebrated and honored. Godly women need this reminder to be encouraged to embrace their femininity and seek God’s will for how they can bring Him glory as a woman.

God created women different from men in many ways, but most obviously He equipped them with physical differences with a certain purpose. God has given womankind the gift of growing and sustaining human life - a blessed and sacred ability. Only women have the anatomy to grow their children and provide all the nutrition they need for the first several months. Although not all women are mothers, all women come from a mother. We can be thankful for the beauty motherhood has to offer. Young women should be taught to cherish this gift, not praised for murdering their child. The love a mother has for her child is a wonderful picture to our world of our Heavenly Father’s love for us. When abortion is prevalent in the culture, Christian mothers are all the more important.

Some of a woman’s physical characteristics represent distinct qualities and attributes that God created in women. Just as a mother’s body nurtures her fetus in her womb, women bring unique empathy and compassion. Women often can see situations with different perspectives and can give support in nurturing ways. Hearing women and having women present is important for this reason. God uses their nature to see things differently, love differently, serve differently, and act differently from men. In the book of Titus, women specifically are commanded to be reverent, to teach, to love, and to be obedient to honor the Lord.

In many ways, we all share one holy calling. All of the human race is called to glorify our Creator, to live for Him, serve Him, and love Him. Christian women are to spread the gospel with their words and by example whether it be at their workplace or kitchen table. Each woman’s calling is different as some women are mothers, wives, single, CEOs, astronauts, engineers, doctors, writers, or retail workers. Each calling is as sacred and important as the next. The noblest calling is obedience to God. Each woman must seek the Lord and walk closely with Spirit to do so. In striving to honor the Lord with our lives, we all find our purpose.

If you are a woman, know a woman, or have a daughter, remember the beauty of womanhood. Encourage the Christian women in your life to embrace how God created them. Being a woman is not a choice - it’s a privilege granted by God. If our culture allows anyone to be a woman or decide not to be one, all that makes women unique is lost. Christian women get to show our fallen world why being a woman is important. We must build up and raise Godly women as a contrast to the perversion in culture. God created women to play a necessary role in our world. Celebrate the Christian women in your life today and thank God for their example.

By Anna Chamblee in honor of International Women's Day

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