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The Orange Letter Campaign 2019 – Letters for Missionaries

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Christianity is filled with innumerable mind-boggling truths. Among them is the fact that God – all-powerful and self-sufficient – chooses to allow us to work alongside Him in rescuing lost souls. He doesn’t need us. He could send angels to preach the gospel, or visions and dreams, but He chooses to work through us. What a privilege!

Throughout history, God has raised men and women to be the vessels of His mercy to millions all over the world. When one hears the word “missionaries”, images of Paul and the Apostles on the dusty roads of the Middle East, Asia, and Europe immediately spring to mind.

Brought across the seas by Roman ships, the gospel spread like wildfire in northern Europe. It found a home in Ethiopia, where the Coptic Church continues today. Men and women like Hudson Taylor in China, Amy Carmichael in India, and Jim Elliot in Ecuador are just a few who stand out as examples of bravery and obedience. They seem to us to be super-Christians… yet they were men and women just like us.

This week during Engage’s Orange Letter Campaign, you have a new opportunity to join in this Great Commission and carry on the legacy of the missionaries that have gone before us.

The Orange Letter Campaign has been a cornerstone of Engage Magazine since 2016. It all began February 15, 2015, when ISIS released a video of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians in orange jumpsuits being martyred on a Libyan beach. Gripped by the reality of persecution that Christians face all around the world, Engage launched the Orange Letter Campaign, asking for letters of encouragement and prayer to send to Christians suffering for the sake of Jesus Christ.

This week, October 28 – November 1, Engage Magazine is partnering with Global Outreach to send letters to missionaries all over the world. Global Outreach is an interdenominational organization focused on providing a platform for missionaries to raise support as well as equipping missionaries to serve effectively wherever God calls them using the gifts and talents He has given them.

These missionaries are far from the comforts of home during a time when isolation can be a great burden. We are asking for letters filled with Scripture, prayer, and encouragement. If you would like to write a letter but do not know what to say, pray and spend time in your Bible.

To send your letter, simply email it to and it will be delivered.

During this campaign, you can learn more about mission work and the missionaries that will receive your letters at

It is our prayer that this effort will reinvigorate and strengthen the hearts of these missionaries, so they can carry out their calling in the knowledge that they are not alone.

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