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Esther McGuire
Writer for Engage

When I was little, my sister and I had fun imagining ourselves going off to college, pretending to saunter down the street in class and style. Like most kids, we had fun dreaming about the day we would be adults, although at the time it seemed more like one of those things that were so far in the future that it would almost never happen. For that matter, graduating high school felt like one of those far-off dreams that would only happen “someday.” It was exciting watching others reach that milestone, and I believed I would be there eventually, but there were still many years before that dream would materialize.

Well, of course, before long, I was a senior in high school about to finish life as I knew it (okay, so I was a bit dramatic, but finishing high school is definitely a milestone). I remember the exhilaration I felt as I walked under our homeschool banner and turned my tassel. It was one of the happiest moments of my life! What had seemed so far off in the future—even unattainable—had become reality! However, the “someday” of graduating high school came and went, and the goal of graduating college became the next “someday.” Ironically, the path I took for college was quite different from what I had imagined as a child, as I chose an online degree program. The process took longer than normal, and at times, life and financial concerns challenged the journey. By God’s grace, however, I was able to finish, and the desire to attend and graduate from college became another dream the Lord allowed to be fulfilled.

We all have our own “someday.” I would guess that most of us can relate to the excitement of seeing our dreams come true. However, I would also guess that many of us have dreams that are yet to be fulfilled. These may range from light-hearted fancies (“Someday I want to fly in a hang-glider over Hawaii”) to deep longings that seem vital to our success and happiness (“Someday I want to get married”). Some dreams may even reach a broader level, such as the hope that one day we will witness true peace, prosperity, and righteousness in our nation. When we compare our dreams to our current circumstances, however, it can feel like such aspirations are unachievable. The “someday” appears to fade farther away, and the tendency is to concede that our dreams are only days that we can wistfully pine after.

As Christians, we know that the Bible says to surrender everything to the Lord and seek His will above all else (Prov. 16:3; Matt. 6:33). While the Lord may not allow all our earthly dreams to come to pass, I remember that He did promise to provide for all our needs and to not withhold good from those who follow Him and walk uprightly (Phil 4:19; Psalm. 84:11). Even if we face the disappointment of not having a “someday” fulfilled, we can trust that the Lord knows what is best for us and will give that which is good in His timing.

But even beyond the dreams of this world, there is a someday still to come which exceeds our wildest imaginations, yet is more sure than any earthly dream. As believers in Christ, we have the living hope of Jesus’ return to Earth, and the anticipation of spending eternal glory and happiness with Him. Because we know that God always keeps His promises and that His Word is always true (Jn. 17:17; 2 Cor. 1:20), we can confidently look forward to the day when Jesus will return for His own and will rule over all the inhabitants of the world in perfect righteousness and justice.

The excitement and perfectness of such a time are much more than I could ever imagine or express! The One who loves us, died and rose again for us, and left this world so long ago is coming back for us, and we will see Him face to face! Not only that, but all the injustice in the world that we see now will finally be resolved, and we will get to experience life under perfect rule and authority—a government without corruption, immorality, or deceit. For those who have rejected Christ, this someday may only be a source of fear and dread (Rev. 6:15-17). As someone who has trusted Jesus, however, I can look toward that day as a source of great hope, strength, and encouragement as I grow in my relationship with Him.

We may never get to hang glide off the beaches of Hawaii. For those of us who are single, there is always the possibility that we may never get married. It is even possible that none of us will ever see full justice and peace in our country during our brief lifetime. Ultimately, however, that’s okay. If we have Jesus, our lives are not anchored in this world but in the one to come (Heb. 13:14), and someday we will bask in the thrill and wonder of having our ultimate dreams and desires fulfilled in His presence. Until that time, may the Lord help us to keep our eyes on Him and rejoice in the knowledge of Him who does all things well, trusting that our somedays lie safely in His care.

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