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Things to Remember when Starting College

Maddie King
Writer for Engage

High school was fun, stressful, and very short-lived. I honestly feel like high school just flew by. I still have all the memories and remember all the fun I had, but that time is over and college is starting. It’s a scary feeling for someone as young as I. The thought of all the pressure that is being put on me by all of my peers to go through college and get a degree is a little overwhelming. After all, I just finished high school and now I’m headed to the big leagues.

If you’re a young Christian heading off to college, I am sure there are a lot of things you are scared or worried about. Here are a few tips to help frame your mindset for the coming years.

Take it seriously

With college comes a lot more freedom, but with freedom can come temptation. The culture tells us that we are supposed to enjoy ourselves in college because we are still young and do not have adult responsibilities. However, the whole point of going to college is to be better prepared for the future. This means preparing for adult responsibilities. If anything, this should be the time to take things more seriously.

Be proactive

As I began preparing for college, I heard many good pointers to help me out while there. When we get our assignments for the semester, we should do them near the beginning of the semester instead of waiting until the day before. When we procrastinate, we usually wait to do that project the night or day before. Depending on how long it has to be, you can end up losing a lot of sleep. Also, by completing your assignments ahead of time, that is less stress on your part when the time it is due comes around.

Trust God with your future

Now, just because you get a degree in something does not mean you are going to have a future career in that specific field. Many graduates choose any job that will help them pay the bills. This is not always the case. Many fulfill their dreams and get that dream job they have been praying and preparing for. In either case, Christians must trust God’s will. No matter what career path we find ourselves in, He will work all things together for our good and bring Himself glory from our lives.

Starting college is an exciting time, so do not be discouraged. And if you end up changing your mind about majors or even going to college, it is totally fine. There will always be other opportunities as well. Just pray through the big decisions and keep God at the center of it all.

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