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Searching For A Job?

Chris Woodward
Reporter for One News Now

Being unemployed is tough. Whether you accept the government’s figures or those from think tanks and special interests, a lot of people are still out of work in 2015. So, how do you find a job fast? Believe it or not, your local newspaper is still an option, not to mention cheap. Be advised the number of job listings may depend on the day of the week, the size of your town and the businesses located in your area. Narrow your search by looking for categories that fit your previous work experience. For example, if you’ve spent a lot of time doing office work, look for professional or office categories and skip over the advertisements for over the road (OTR) truck driving jobs. That is, unless you want a fresh start, and a cool CB handle.

The Internet also has tons of websites catering to job seekers. If you don’t have Internet access, visit your local library or ask friends if you can surf the web at their house. For the purposes of this article, I typed Best Job Sites 2015 and found a number of articles, each of them with different rankings. However, CareerBuilder, Indeed, and Snagajob appear to be favorites, and they allow for users to post resumes while searching for jobs listings in multiple zip-codes. Meanwhile, several articles recommend job applicants be professional, neat and realistic, using email addresses that don’t include your nickname, hobby or favorite sports team. Remember, you’re essentially selling yourself as someone that company would benefit by hiring. These actions should carry over into any one-on-one interviews, where applicants should dress nice, be cordial and avoid chewing gum.

Third, ask your Sunday school or church members if they know anyone who is hiring. Sure, it sounds simple and some people may be too proud to ask, but not letting people know you’re looking for work will result in zero interviews.

Fourth, keep your eyes peeled while driving around town. Businesses still put ‘Help Wanted’ or ‘We’re Hiring’ notices on their doors and signs, letting customers and passers-by know they have jobs available.  It may not be the job of your choice, but it could mean some source of income, especially if you’re in a position where your unemployment benefits have expired.



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