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Old Raggedy Bibles

Joseph Parker
Writer for Engage

It has been said that a raggedy Bible is a sign of a life that is not raggedy. Is this true? Well, not always, but often it is. Wear and tear come with use. Non-use may help you keep a Bible in good condition for a long time but keeping it in good condition and failing to read, meditate, and listen to God through His Word is a tragic mistake. The Bible was never meant to be a souvenir. It was never intended to be a prize to be encased and admired for its physical appearance as a book. We are supposed to put the Bible, God’s written Word to good use. We should read and meditate on it every day.

Many years ago, while working in a public school setting, I was conversing with an elementary student. We were talking about reading the Bible.  I asked him, “Do you read the Bible every day?" He responded, “My Mama won’t let me touch that Bible.”  That conversation took place many, many years ago yet it remains with me.  The life-giving Word of God that is not supposed to be touched?  How sad. How tragically sad.

Parents, buy each of your children their own Bible and teach and encourage them to read it every day. A good goal to aim for is to read at least three chapters per day. That’s not hard for any person, adult or child, that can read. Reading the Word of God daily is one of the most fruitful habits in all of life. If your children wear them out because they read and use them...wonderful! When those wear out, get new ones! This may be one of the most fruitful investments of your life and in the life of your children!

So if the big family Bible on the coffee table is a souvenir, make sure everyone has their own personal Bible. Just don’t have a Bible that is off-limits and is the only one in the house. Some people store important documents in the big family Bible but that is not supposed to be its chief function. Remember, God’s Word is a guidebook for all of life. If you use it so much that you wear it out-just get another one! 

Where is a good place to begin faithful reading of the Word? That’s a good question. I advise that you begin in Matthew and read straight through the New Testament. Make sure you read the Word of God daily.  Need some incentive?  Below are

Ten Excellent Reasons to Read God’s Word Daily:

1.   It tells you how to be saved and how to grow up in your faith.
2.   It gives you clear guidance for life.
3.   It empowers your prayers.
4.   It sharpens your ability to hear the Holy Spirit more clearly.
5.   It ministers to your mind, body, and spirit.
6.   It helps you maintain your mental health.
7.   It increases the anointing in every area of your life.
8.   It increases your wisdom in every area of your life.
9.   It enhances your intellect and personality.
10. It pours grace, peace, mercy and joy into your spirit, your mind and your life.


This article was originally posted on the Stand.

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