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How to Love Your Neighbor in Quarantine


These are strange times we’re living in. To avoid accelerating the spread of coronavirus, many public places have closed, schools have shut down, churches are meeting online, and many of us are working from home. Half of the world is now in quarantine. But there is one thing that hasn’t shut down, and that is the Christian.

Social distancing is no excuse for us to stop loving our neighbor and showing the love of Christ. Here are three ways to continue exemplifying Christian love even while in quarantine.

First, be careful of what information you are spreading. On social media, there is no end to the panic and misinformation. As you are reading and joining in on conversations, make sure the information you are putting out there is accurate and helpful. You may be the kind of person who does not get worked up easily, but there are many people prone to anxiety and panic. Make sure the information you share is information that is accurate and needs to be shared. “I heard…” and, “Someone told me…” statements of information are never helpful.

Second, take this opportunity to share. Many people have needs that cannot be met at this time, whether in the form of groceries, diapers, or even social needs. Take a look around you and identify the needs that you can safely and responsibly fill. If you have an overabundance of supplies, maybe share them with someone in need. If you know of someone who is stuck at home alone, pick up the phone and give them a call.

Third and last, use this time to draw closer to God. Many of us are unable to get out of the house, and that means we have a lot of free time. Use this for your good. Spend a great deal of time in prayer, meditation, and the Bible. Listen to scripture, sermons, hymns, and other resources that will help you spiritually. This kind of situation rarely happens, so don’t let this quarantine period go by without having dug deep into the grace of God. How is this loving your neighbor? When we finally get to be together again, you will have drunk so deeply of the well of God’s grace that you will not be able to keep from overflowing into others. And there is no better way to love your neighbor than to show the grace of God in front of them.

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