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God is With Us in the New Beginnings

Maddie King
Writer for Engage

Starting a new chapter of life can be frightening and hard, especially if we do not want to move on. But as Christians, we know we do not have to face change alone. God is with us always and will never leave us nor forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6). Here are a few encouragements to help you have the right perspective on times of change in your life.

New school

The end of summer is around the corner and many people are starting to head back to school. If you are going to a new school, do not worry. You will be just fine. If you are worried about classes and keeping your grades up, just be diligent and make sure you set aside time to study. Remember that God has it all under control. Be sure that you are open about your faith with the people you meet. You might be worried about being known as “that spiritual person” and being a social outcast because of it. But being open about your faith will not only help further the kingdom of God but also help you find other believers at your school. Finding other believers there will benefit both of you. You both will have an accountability and prayer partner.

New job

If it is a new job, you got this. You were given this job for a purpose. Work diligently and give it all you have. Show your boss you are proud to be there by working hard and diligently. If you are the boss, treat your employees with respect. If you notice someone is having a bad day, give him or her a little encouragement. No one wants to be alone. Try to find other believers where you work and begin praying for each other. Having spiritual accountability in the workplace will help you walk closely with God throughout the entire week.

New home

If you are moving to a different city, town, or country, this is where real fear can set in. New place, new people - everything is new. There may be even a new language to learn. Starting relationships is a good way to begin. Introduce yourself to your neighbors. Ask them questions about themselves and ask about the churches in the area. Again, be open about your Christianity. Anywhere you go, your primary purpose in life is to be a messenger of the gospel.

No matter what new chapter you find yourself beginning, God is always there leading you one step at a time. God has a purpose for everything that occurs in your life. Whether it is a paragraph, a page, or an entirely new chapter, He is adding to your story every day. The outcome will always be good. Just wait and see.


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