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Giving Gifts That Make a Difference

Hannah Harrison
Writer for Engage

October is in full swing, and I have begun thinking about Christmas. Like most, I try not to wait until the last minute to start murdering my bank account. Instead, I’m focused on getting things down and giving my family and friends gifts of importance this holiday season.

Louie Giglio said, “Millennials and Generation Z are the most giving generation yet.”

I have to say, I agree with him. Our generations want to genuinely give more pay attention to the corporations we fund. This Christmas, all because of Missy Robertson, I’ve decided to give my gifts with purpose.

Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty, is making a difference with her new jewelry line – Laminin. Laminin was born with the desire to rescue women from hopelessness and give them a second chance at life. After all, everyone deserves that right.

When forming her business, Missy asked Miss Kay if she knew of women that needed a job. Within a few days, six women ended up meeting Missy in hopes of branching out of their previous lifestyle. The most interesting part; however, as each woman was a victim of human trafficking, substance abuse, or various other addictions. Likewise, Missy recalled her first thought of human trafficking was Liam Neeson, not girls being sold by their moms to get their next high.

These women have seen, dealt, and struggled with much. Through Laminin, they can receive a hope that only freedom in Jesus can give.

This company is one of the many strives to do better for their community, Charites of choice, and the employees they hire. 

With the encouragement of Laminin, I’ve decided to set out on a new Christmas mission, by choosing gifts that make a difference.

In this blog, you’ll see just a few of the companies I've found that have a passion for changing the lives of many.  

Pura Vida Bracelets 

These cute and stylish bracelets have more meaning than just simple threads. The artisans at Pura Vida aspire to give more to their community and fellow artists. With their Charity Collection, Pura Vida has partnered with over 175 charities worldwide and donated $1.9 million to help various charities such as Susan B Colman, Autism Awareness, Mental Health, and more.

Hand in Hand 

The tag line of this bubbly company is “sustainable suds.” As a soap company that desires to give the basic hygiene privileges, they've created a get one give one. Creating products that are vegan, natural, and made in the USA this brand wants to fulfill the needs of children in Haiti and Cambodia. After seeing the deaths of many children from water-related illnesses, Hand in Hand started a project that gives children in Haiti and Cambodia soap for each purchase made online. As of 2018, The company has donated 1.6 million bars of soap and helped rebuild 4 wells so children can access clean water.


“Roma boot merges fashion with philanthropy to give poverty the boot.” This super cute rain boot site works hard to bring hope to children suffering due to poverty worldwide, they want to encourage them through means of education, aid, and love. The founder, Samuel Bristrian, wanted to help his home country of Romania break the cycle of poverty.

Krochet Kids 

Krochet Kids goes one step further to enable women to support themselves. By purchasing beanies, scarves, and bags you have the unique opportunity to give to women a chance to provide for them and their families. Another cool thing about KK is that each gift is complete with a tag and name of the artist who created your piece.

Ten Thousand Villages 

Ten Thousand Villages aims to support the fair trade, the earth, and ensure makers receive fair wages. The gifts range from luscious soaps to wall décor, clothes, and much more. For 25 years this company has helped families build homes, children receive education, and communities to thrive. (The finds on this site are some of my favorite and reasonably priced!) 

Out of Print 

For all book lovers, Out of Print may be your cup of tea. This print company transforms literary classics and reader's favorite stories into collectible shirts, mugs, and gifts. With each Out of Print purchase, the company donates books to help support literacy programs worldwide.


FEED gives food to children in need. With each purchase, buyers are informed just how many meals they will be funding for children facing hunger. To date, the company has provided 107,532,896 meals to children.

These are just a few of the countless ways to give & get great gifts. Depending on the ministry and where you want to give, it’s as easy as a google search to find more options that donate to a greater cause than themselves.

Giglio was right, we are a generation of change. An easy way to make a difference is to check where our money goes. All it takes is a little research and you have the power to break the chain of poverty, lack of education, and fulfilling a life purpose to some of the neediest.

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