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Beauty in the Little Things

Esther McGuire
Writer for Engage

The winter season has been a little more snowy than usual here in Pittsburgh. I love how the snow blankets the ground and makes the whole landscape look clean and fantastical. With this beautiful blanket of whiteness, it is mind-boggling to grasp the idea that this mass is comprised of billions of tiny particles we know as snowflakes. Even more mind-boggling is the idea that no two snowflakes are alike. What an incredible, omniscient, and omnipotent Creator we have!

Several weeks ago, I watched an old science film by Creation scientist Irwin Moon, who touched on the beauty of this subject. One snowflake could easily be forgotten amongst the myriad others, yet, according to Dr. Moon, each one is gifted with its own delicate and carefully crafted design. Dr. Moon also pointed out that the snowflake is only one example of many of God’s creations that seem almost insignificant in their size yet show His attentiveness and care. In contrast to the awe-inspiring grandeur and glory of stars and galaxies, snowflakes and other tiny creations - such as diatoms, microscopic sea creatures, and one-celled organisms - demonstrate that God’s attention to creativity and detail is not forgotten on His creations that man might deem of little value.

Dr. Moon’s point in discussing all this was to show that, while humans might feel too small for God to care about him when comparing himself to the greatness of the universe, God’s attention and care for the “little things” of His creation are a validation of His love and concern for us. In fact, according to Dr. Moon, if one were to place the smallest known objects on a scale with the largest known objects, man would fall directly in the center of that continuum. Truly, one can see how man is at the focal point of all God’s attention.

The truths expressed in that science video are not only amazing but also comforting and encouraging to me. Here, among the billions of people teeming on the Earth, amid national politics and international busyness, the Lord cares for my finite existence in one tiny part of the world. When we are discouraged or tempted to think that the Lord cannot possibly care for us and our problems, we can observe the snowflakes and be reminded that the omnipotent God, who takes care in designing snowflakes, values and cares for the smallest of details for each human being He created. It reminds me of what Jesus said when referring to a small and seemingly insignificant animal, the sparrow: “Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God? ... Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.” (Luke 12:6, 7)

God’s care for our small existence also reminds me that He not only cares about who we are but also the things that we do. So often, we want to focus our attention on the activities that look big and significant, while we find the routine actions of life as small and inconsequential. Yet, while that way of thinking is too easily my tendency, I am reminded of the verse where Jesus said, “He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much.” (Luke 16:10) If Jesus cares about the least of our deeds, then it appears that there is no action too small for His attention when it is surrendered to Him—whether it’s daily Bible reading, serving an employer, or even washing the dishes. He even takes note of the conversations we have about Him (Mal. 3:16).

Of course, it follows that the negative concept is also true - that God notices and cares about all the wrong little things we do, say, and think. I’m so thankful for the blood of Jesus that cleanses and covers us, for I know that even the little things I’ve done wrong, that others may have no knowledge of or might find harmless and trivial, are actions that God notices and considers significant (Ps. 32:1; Matt. 12:36; 1 John 3:20). Sin, no matter how small, is not inconsequential (James 2:10). It is only by Jesus’ finished work of redemption that all my sin - big, small, past, present, and future - is forgiven and that I am made white as snow (Is. 1:18).

Whether or not you’ve experienced an extra dose of winter this year, I hope you are blessed by the beauty of the snowflakes. And be encouraged that you are not forgotten. The God of infinite power and understanding also cares for the little things of His creation, and He valued each of us enough to die and rise again for us. May we learn to continually trust Him and cast all our care upon Him, assured in the promise that He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7).

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