About Engage

Engage exists to provide perspective on culture through the eyes of a Biblical worldview, showing how that worldview intersects with culture and engages it.

We are a team of 20-somethings brought together by a common faith in Jesus Christ and employment in our parent organization American Family Association.


Life Finding and Fighting Devices of Distraction During Christmas 10/26/2015 | Chris Woodward Satan has many tools to distract believers from glorifying God. Read to learn how to spot them and turn your attention back to Christ.
Life Have an Unconventional Thanksgiving 10/26/2015 | Canada Burns Being thankful for a Thanksgiving sans football, leaves, a thawed pie.
Life Three Commands While Enduring Spiritual Battle 09/25/2015 | Guest Writer Every Christian experiences spiritual warfare because we are called to be soldiers of Christ. God has not left us without orders to follow or missions to fulfill.
Life Make Your Vacation an Investment 09/02/2015 | Ashley Gillespie Many of us are blessed to receive vacation time from work. We can spend that time on a relaxing vacation or building the Kingdom of God...or maybe both.
Life On Fire for Jesus 08/26/2015 | Jordan Chamblee A person who is on fire for Jesus is a person who has paid the cost of following Christ."
Life Don't Pray and Worry 08/22/2015 | Cortney Sargent Continuing to worry after prayer is a zero-sum game.
Life Evangelism is More than Coffee and Donuts 08/17/2015 | Chris Woodward Evangelism isn't just for evangelist. It is a joy for all of us to experience.
Life How to Purpose Your Life 08/17/2015 | Cortney Sargent Time is expensive. How are you spending it?