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Defending the Dignity of Life, One Ultrasound at a Time


Women who consider abortions find themselves at a crossroads which affects not only the life of the baby, but it also affects their future lives too – but not in the way Hollywood and mainstream media promote. American Family Radio is coming alongside a ministry that has a heart for both the baby and the mom.

Fortunately, there are some heroes who step in at just the right moment to save both from the lies and harm of the abortion industry. One ministry is having an 80% success rate helping these women decide to keep their babies – plus the mothers hear the gospel story too.

The organization, Pre-Born Ministry, is both the direct competition of Planned Parenthood and the number-one provider of free ultrasounds in United States. The ministry reports that 2019 was a wonderful year for saved babies' lives and mothers' souls: almost 25,000 women chose life for their babies and more than 7,100 received Christ as their Savior.

Now, Pre-Born is asking like-minded people to "be a hero for a pre-born baby and mom" in 2020.

A hero is one who helps point out the lies and omissions promoted by the abortion industry. For example, it's not a "fetus," which is seen as inseparable from the end result of gestation or pregnancy. The truth is that the end result of gestation is a baby.

Heroes also fight the lie that babies keep women from their dreams. It's a lie because facts show abortions often lead to decades of physical and psychological pain and suffering for most women.

The irony is the abortion industry says having an abortion frees a woman to her dreams, yet rarely – if ever – do they share the truth about the psychological and physical damages which may occur immediately during the procedure and last decades. (See here for details and links, including one with 508 pages of written affidavits from women who've had the courage to share the truth about their abortions and their hope to end abortion).

So with one singular, tiny (and tax-deductible) effort – like a true hero – two lives are saved: baby and mother.

"For only $28, anybody can underwrite an ultrasound for a girl," Dan Steiner, president and CEO of Pre-Born shares. "And let me tell you – that makes all the difference in the world. We might be able to talk a girl out of aborting without an ultrasound maybe 40% of the time; but if we give her an ultrasound, she will choose life 80% of the time."

A donation of $28 provides one free ultrasound. From now until Tuesday, January 21, the American Family Association/American Family Radio is asking its supporters to start 2020 for Pre-Born with a strong kickoff. Donations can be made online (via this link or at or by calling 1-877-616-2396. 100% of these donations go to Pre-Born Ministry.

Donors may not know who they have helped, but God keeps those records – and maybe one day in heaven, they'll find out who those two lives affected in ways only God knows.


Dr. Robert Youngblood. This article originally appeared on the Stand.

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