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Reaching Out in Hard Times

Maddie King
Writer for Engage

Everyone is bound to get down from time to time. We will have our good days and our bad days, and sometimes it might seem the bad outnumber the good. These are excellent times for the Christian to show the unbelieving world how, even though our experience varies from moment to moment, Jesus Christ is consistently good and faithful.

Here are a few ways to point the way to the Savior when your unbelieving friends are passing through dark times.

Stay connected

Through breakups, family drama, anxiety, or depression, be there for your friends. Check up on them every now and then to make sure everything is okay. Maybe set a reminder for a while to prompt you to connect with them daily. Social media is actually a great way to do this. If you see a post from a friend that makes you feel there is something wrong, talk to them about it.

Be persistent

A lot of times, people don’t want to open up about their struggles. How long this disconnection lasts depends on the person. Eventually, everyone gets tired of being alone and starts craving human contact again. If you know someone close to you is going through hard times but they keep pushing you away, be patient. Try not to be annoying, but don’t let them be alone in their dark times.

Listen well

Sometimes, being a good Christian friend to an unbeliever can simply mean being a shoulder to cry on. You do not have to constantly preach at them or overwhelm them with what you know they should do. Honestly, there are certain situations where simply being a friend is the best way to witness. Half the time, they just want someone to be there for them to vent to. No one likes to face hard times on his or her own. 

The second greatest commandment God gave us is to love others as we love ourselves (Matthew 22:39). In other words, we are commanded to love others the way God does - unconditionally. Always be there for those who need you. Be the person they can trust and turn to in times of need. Allow the love of God to overflow through you and extend to them. When you offer your comfort and unconditional love, the unconditional love of God will be what they see.


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