The Colbert School of Apologetics

Teddy James | 02/03/2017
Late night talk show has application for Christians today.

It's a Great Time to be Alive

Teddy James | 01/31/2017
Despite the tragedies, sorrowing headlines, and high rhetoric of today's world, right now is a great time to be alive.

A Millennial's Regret

Guest Writer | 01/23/2017
I wish I'd prayed more for President Obama.

An Open Letter to Louie Giglio

Wesley Wildmon | 01/04/2017
A letter written in humility asking for biblical fidelity.

Moving from a Shaking in 2016 to an Awakening in 2017

Guest Writer | 12/30/2016
5 Ways to Move from a Great Shaking in 2016 to a Great Awakening in 2017

Stop Keeping up with Christmas (and Enjoy It)

Teddy James | 12/16/2016
Do you try to make Christmas so magical that you stop enjoying it?

Remembering the Pilgrims

Jordan Chamblee | 11/21/2016
Do you know the real story?

How to Empty Orphanages

Teddy James | 11/16/2016
You can't help the problem if you don't see it.

How to Serve Those Who Serve

Teddy James | 11/11/2016
How you can serve a soldier you will never meet.