My God, My Father

CJ Snyder | 07/10/2017
A quote from an old hymn, written on my bathroom mirror, made me reflect of God as my Father.

When the World Asks, "Why?"

Guest Writer | 06/14/2017
A problem as huge as rebellion against God demands a solution that is on God’s terms.

Christ and Today

Teddy James | 05/19/2017
Today is the most important day.

An Empty Philosophy

Alex McFarland | 05/05/2017
Can Darwinism lead to a satisfying worldview?

Peace from the God of Peace

Skyler Gleue | 04/13/2017
We are saved by faith alone, but not a faith that is alone.

A New Operating System

Skyler Gleue | 04/13/2017
Christ gives you a new nature, a new way of thinking and operating.

Death and Other Minor Topics

Chris Woodward | 04/11/2017
Thinking on death; dwelling on Christ

God's Most Freeing Choice

Wesley Wildmon | 03/10/2017
Does it bring you comfort to know you have choice?

The Uncentral Importance of a Young Earth

Teddy James | 02/28/2017
Wrestling with science and faith, understanding and belief, and still not 100% sure.