God's Most Freeing Choice

Wesley Wildmon | 03/10/2017
Does it bring you comfort to know you have choice?

God's Most Comforting Attribute

Guest Writer | 02/24/2017
God has many attributes, but one is most comforting above all.

The Uncommercial, Uncynical Valentine's Day

Kendra White | 02/13/2017
5 reasons Christians should rejoice during Valentine's Day

God Still Cares About Each Nation

Wesley Wildmon | 02/06/2017
Does God's commands for nations still apply or are they only for individuals?

Why God's Unchangeableness Matters

Skyler Gleue | 01/31/2017
Can God change? The question is more important, and nuanced that you may think.

Seven Times Hotter

Guest Writer | 01/23/2017
What will future believers say about this generation’s Christians?

Seeing the Problem for What it is

Chris Woodward | 01/06/2017
Forget the parties involved and focus on the wrong.

Logically Logical: The Trinity

Alex McFarland | 01/04/2017
Some assert the doctrine of the Trinity is illogical, but it is perfectly consistent with God's revelation.

How Wise I Hope to Be

Alex McFarland | 12/20/2016
What wisdom can we glean from the Wise Men?