About Engage

Engage exists to provide perspective on culture through the eyes of a Biblical worldview, showing how that worldview intersects with culture and engages it.

We are a team of 20-somethings brought together by a common faith in Jesus Christ and employment in our parent organization American Family Association.


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2021 Christians in Action | Marriage, Family, Life with Wil Addison, Jr 06/21/2021

Jordan and Wesley discuss the Marriage Family Life conference with Wil Addison.

2021 Spiritual Disciplines | Pleasing God with Rick Robertson 06/18/2021

Jordan and Wesley are joined by AFR's Rick Robertson to discuss how Christians must live to please God.

2021 Family and Discipleship | The Ten Commandments with Pastor Joseph Parker 06/11/2021

Jordan and Cedra discuss an exciting new project with Pastor Joseph Parker about the Ten Commandments.

2021 Current Events with Chris Woodward | June 2021 06/04/2021

Jordan and Cedra are joined by Chris Woodward to discuss news related to the transgender issue.

2021 Spiritual Disciplines | Engage Magazine Bianual Vol. 5 05/28/2021

Jordan, Wesley, and Cedra reveal the newest edition of Engage Magazine

2021 Christians in Action | Evangelism and Missions with Dr. Matt Ayars 05/21/2021

A new generation of young Christians is eager to become missionaries.

2021 Family and Discipleship | Men of Honor 05/13/2021

Jordan, Wesley, and Cedra talk about the Men of Honor and discuss the impact of godly fathers.

2021 Current Events with Chris Woodward | April 2021 04/30/2021

Jordan and Wesley discuss the President's joint address to Congress with Chris Woodward.

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