Mother's Day and the Single Mom

Wesley Wildmon | 05/12/2017
Mother's Day should be a happy day of celebrating motherhood, but for some it is not such a happy occasion.

Calming the Waves in the Sea and the Soul

Myra Gilmore | 05/05/2017
Ever feel like you are drowning and then see a wave coming to crash over you?

Go Big or Go Home

Myra Gilmore | 04/11/2017
God does big things in small acts of obedience.

How to be Singularly Focused

Teddy James | 02/28/2017
How to gain focus in a distracting world.

Confidence that Kills

Skyler Gleue | 02/27/2017
Trusting in your own strength can be your biggest weakness.

Hopefully Broken

Guest Writer | 02/27/2017
Why do we have a desire for perfection when we know it is impossible?

This Great, Big World

Guest Writer | 02/27/2017
You never what big changes are birthed by small impacts.

Repent, Return, Repeat

Guest Writer | 02/24/2017
The Christian life is one of repenting, returning to the truths of the gospel, and repeating.

Age is a Number, Not a Restriction

Guest Writer | 01/30/2017
Should age be a consideration in leadership or are there more important things to consider?