How to be Singularly Focused

Teddy James | 02/28/2017
How to gain focus in a distracting world.

Confidence that Kills

Skyler Gleue | 02/27/2017
Trusting in your own strength can be your biggest weakness.

Repent, Return, Repeat

Guest Writer | 02/24/2017
The Christian life is one of repenting, returning to the truths of the gospel, and repeating.

Age is a Number, Not a Restriction

Guest Writer | 01/30/2017
Should age be a consideration in leadership or are there more important things to consider?

Pause Before You Post

Wesley Wildmon | 01/24/2017
Think before you speak, read before you write, and pause before you post.

Dealing with God's Silence

Skyler Gleue | 01/03/2017
It is easy to trust when you feel God near, but what about when He feels far away?

3 Resolutions for 2017

Jordan Chamblee | 12/30/2016
Here are three resolutions that young Christians should strive for in 2017

Failing In Pursuing Perfection

Canada Burkhalter | 12/14/2016
We can pursue perfection or we can pursue the One who is already perfect.

Pray, Give, Go

Chris Woodward | 12/09/2016
Don't stop with writing a letter, keep serving the persecuted church.