A Cat and the Gospel

Skyler Gleue | 04/13/2017
God's grace and mercy is as infinitely more than we imagine.

Graciousness and Broom Hockey

Canada Burkhalter | 04/10/2017
Humility can be learned anyway, including an ice rink.

Defending Young Marriage (Part 2)

Skyler Gleue | 02/28/2017
Not everyone is ready to marry young, but shouldn't we pursue the qualities that would make one ready?

What's My Motivation?

Guest Writer | 02/27/2017
Understanding what drives helps us see the direction we are headed in.

You Cannot Lead Until You Serve

Guest Writer | 02/27/2017
We have the ability and responsibility to lead.

Making Room to Love Others

Chris Woodward | 02/10/2017
Christ, confection, and challenges

Orange Letter Campaign: Syria

Teddy James | 12/05/2016
Remember those in prison, as though in prison with them... (Heb. 13:3)

An Unforgettable Christmas Gift

Teddy James | 11/29/2016
From grandparents to toddlers, Silver Dollar City has something for everyone.

Teaching Thanksgiving

Jim Shempert | 11/22/2016
I am overwhelmingly blessed, not because of where I live, or what I have, but because of Who loves me.