About Engage

Engage exists to provide perspective on culture through the eyes of a Biblical worldview, showing how that worldview intersects with culture and engages it.

We are a team of 20-somethings brought together by a common faith in Jesus Christ and employment in our parent organization American Family Association

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Worldview Burning Coals 08/14/2018 | Jordan Chamblee The Word of God is the most effective thing to transform the Christian's mind.
Heroes Robert Murray M’Cheyne – Bought With a Price 08/07/2018 | Jordan Chamblee The life of this young preacher from long ago is a call to holiness.
Culture Truth for Youth Bible Week 2018 08/06/2018 | The Engage Team For one week in August, Engage Magazine is proudly teaming up with Revival Fires to flood the schools of the nation with the word of God.
Worldview Our Faithful Deliverer 08/06/2018 | Teddy James Over and over in the Old Testament, God reminded His people He was the One who delivered them from the hands of the Egyptians
Culture Can Truth be Guilty by Association? 06/22/2018 | Jordan Chamblee Is God anti-science?
Worldview Was Jesus a god or the God? 06/21/2018 | Skyler Gleue How can Christians hold fast to the doctrine of Christ's divinity?
Life Life is a Workout 06/21/2018 | Skyler Gleue Though there is no “Book of Life” with all life’s answers in it, there is the Bible, which provides us with the wisdom we need to handle every circumstance thrown our way.
Worldview Bought With a Price 06/11/2018 | CJ Snyder How has the fact you are redeemed changed the way you live?
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